I'm here to give you space to laugh and love, feel inspired, imagine the infinite possibilities and live intensely every moment of your meticulously planned wedding down to the last detail ...


I entered the world of weddings and events on my tiptoes, and after almost 15 years in the industry I can say that I have gained a natural experience, which has become my greatest passion.

I know that my clients entrust me with a part of themselves and their greatest desires, the most important thing is to LISTEN, take care of them, their needs and requests.

I do my utmost to realize events, weddings and parties that become beautiful memories of those dreams that have finally come true, which come from the wonderful drawer, which is life.

Do you have any questions? Below you can find answers to the questions I get most frequently, otherwise


In Milan, or wherever you want, I'm always on the move for meetings

My job is to get to know you, understand you, and interpret your style. Having said that, the thing our customers usually have in common is a love of natural elegance, luxury, distinctive details and a simple and relaxed atmosphere.

For each category we always send 3 offers from different suppliers, by style and by cost. Our suppliers are a selection that is the result of years of work and that take into account reliability and competence. If you have any suppliers you want to use, it will be our care to integrate it within the entire project

Yes both! We love to create extraordinary and special parties for any occasion. You can find out more here

Organizing a unique wedding requires a commitment of time and considerable energy, it is always better to contact me at least one year before the fixed date, to be sure of finding us available, especially if your day will be a Saturday in summer.

Yes, we keep our schedules flexible to suit your schedule. The only exception is if we have a wedding that weekend

The costs are always indicated in the offer that you will receive before signing the contract. Obviously, if the wedding will be outside Lombardy, there will be transfer, board and lodging costs that we will agree together in a logic of complete transparency.
The best thing would be to write us here for any more insights

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